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Foot Care Pumice Stone, suitable for feet or hands care, scrubber/ remove callosity and rough/dead skin problems.
100% High Quality Product from Morocco.
1.Soak your calloused skin in warm water. The most common part of the body to exfoliate with a pumice stone is the feet. Heels tend to develop a layer of hard, calloused skin that can become cracked or scaled. Your elbows are another area that may benefit from exfoliation. Soak the calloused body part in warm water for about five minutes to soften the skin.[1]
  • If you're working on your feet, you may want to fill a bowl with warm water and soak your feet in the bowl.
  • For other parts of the body, pumicing as part of your shower may be easiest.

2.Wait until your dry skin has softened. The skin will be easier to remove if it's soft and supple. Feel your skin after several minutes of soaking. If it still feels tough, wait a few more minutes (giving the water a warm-up if necessary). If it's soft, your skin is ready for the pumice stone.

3.Wet the stone. Wetting the stone will help it slide more easily across your skin, rather than catching on it. Run the stone under warm water, or dip it in the water where you're soaking your skin, in order to thoroughly wet it.

4.Rub it gently over the calloused area. Use a circular motion to start sloughing away the dead skin with the pumice stone. If the skin is nice and soft, it should start coming right off. Keep going until you remove the dead skin and get to the fresh, supple skin underneath.

  • Don't press too hard. Light pressure is all that is needed; let the surface of the stone do the work.
  • If you're working on your feet, focus on the heels, the sides of your toes, and other areas where dry skin tends to build up.

5.Rinse and repeat. Rinse off the dead skin and take a look to see if you need to keep going. If you still see bits of dead skin, go over the area again with the pumice stone. Continue using the stone on the area until you're satisfied with the results.

  • Since the pumice stone will wear down slightly while you use it, you may need to turn it over to get a fresh surface you can use to exfoliate your skin.
  • Rinse the pumice stone often to keep its surface clean and effective.

6.Dry and moisturize your skin. When you're finished, use a towel to pat your skin dry. Coat the area with an oil or cream to prevent it from drying out too quickly. Your formerly calloused skin should now be soft, supple and gleaming.

  • Coconut oil, almond oil, or body lotion are all fine to use to condition your skin after pumicing.
  • Repeat as often as needed to keep your skin in good shape.


Scrub it after use. Dead skin will build up in the pores of the stone as you use it, so you'll want to clean the stone after use. Use a scrub brush to scrub the stone while holding it under running water. Add a bit of soap to help clean the stone completely. This way your stone will be clean and ready to use next time you need it. Allow it to completely dry out. Set the pumice stone in a dry place so that it doesn't stay damp in between uses. Some pumice stones come with a string attached that allows you to hang the stone to dry. If you let the stone stay wet, bacteria could grow in the pores, making it unsafe to use. Boil it if necessary. Every once in a while, you'll want to give the stone a deep cleaning to make sure it isn't harboring bacteria. Bring a small pot of water to a full boil, drop in the stone, and boil it for five minutes. Use tongs to remove the stone from the water and allow it to dry completely before storing.

  • If you use the stone frequently, boil it every two weeks to ensure it stays clean.

  • If you've used the stone on a dirty surface, you can add a capful of bleach to the water to be certain all bacteria get killed.

Country of origin : Morocco

Notes: The item  made of natural lava volcanic stones, so every one is different.

INCI 100 %Natural Lava Stone

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Natural Lava Exfoliating Pumice Stone

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